Microwave Oven 1; Caramel 0

Today the microwave oven died on us. No, actually it didn't just die but refused to perform its daily duties. The protest came in the form of light and sound: there were flashing yellow sparks coupled with loud crackling voice that said: "Ima release the Kraken!!" we pulled the plug immediately before Caramel was blown to smithereens. We soon realised we were back in the 1800s without a high frequency heating device.


Anonymous said...

oh no...
I will be back coming wkend.
Caramel is still operating??
no cupcakes?

Sin said...

Yes we are still in one piece and yes cupcakes aplenty! But please note there's a private function this Satruday evening (17 Apr) so we are closed to public from 5pm onwards. We are closed on Sundays.