Don't Miss (Muffet) This!

I've been wanting to post about this cute little shop at Icon Village for a while. It's called Muffet's Room. For those of you who's familiar with nursery rhymes, yes it's the Little Miss Muffet who was startled by a spider while having her bowl of soup (porridge? I've never heard of the story until I Googled it because my nursery rhyme was 三只老虎,三只老虎). So far no creepy crawlies had been spotted on my various visits there but good food!

Their signature Fish & Chips is quite something, as an Australian husband of a friend commented that it's the best fish and chips he's had so far in Singapore! Comes in 100g or 200g of fish, with the options of having your fish battered or breaded. They have daily specials of pastas, chicken escalope, etc. I had a nice chicken stew on my last trip there. The portion is quite huge with a whole drumstick and generous servings of beans and veg in the stew. I like the stew not being too tarty. Served with 3 slices of bread.

They also serve blended fruit drinks, coffee, tea, sandwiches (try the chicken salad sandwich), snacks (fish fingers, chips with melted cheese and spicy chicken wings if they went ahead as planned after they let us sampled the wings last time) and desserts (if they bring back the Belgian waffles, please!).

The shop seats a max of 12 pax (I did say it's a cute little shop!) so go early during lunch. They also deliver within Tanjong Pagar area. Prices for savouries range from $5+ to $11+. No GST or service charge even though their service is super friendly! Now go say hi to Ms Muffet and show your support! Also check out their lovely chalk art! Oh, and I LOVE their homemade tartar sauce!


Handcrafted signage by http://www.danthonia.com.au/muffet-s-room-cafe-sign.html


annette said...

Hi there, Thanks so much for the blog and support. Really appreciate it. Do let me know who you are, and I will treat you to my fish and chips, with extra tartar! Cheers! From Miss Muffet.

Sin said...

Hi Annette, keep up the good work and good food! Absolutely love your shop! Will visit soon! :)