Caramel: Announcement

We are officially closed.


Shuying said...

I will miss you!
Many happy memories in the cafe.

I never knew the name of the other shopkeeper, the chef that always cooked special request vegetarian dishes for me before Caramel had a vegetarian menu. Thank you.

Will miss the yuzu tea in pretty teapot, vitaplum, tiramisu-in-a-cup, bread-butter pudding, mushroom pasta, and the happy peaceful feeling I get everytime I enter Caramel :)

Sin said...

Our heartfelt thanks to you, Shuying. The chef is CK. :)

I'm sure we will miss this place and its lovely guests!

Anonymous said...


Where am I going to get my ebiko pasta / salmon pink house sauce pasta / sausage arrabiata....

Please let us know if you intend to open another restaurant......


kuanth said...


We will probably take a long break for now. Will inform if there's any future plans. Meanwhile you can still order your cake from CK, check here at

thanks for your supports!

leslie said...

I didn't know until now! *Kicks myself for not following your blog/twitter.... wish i was there to grab a piece of you in memory during your sale!

I must tell you guys that i love everything about your cafe - especially the floral sofas, cupcakes, lemongrass drink, wooden tables...... I wish you DO have some future plans! Maybe reopen in Tanjong Pagar?

Junie said...

just tried to visit the cafe last week for your ebiko pasta in lemon aglio olio and was very very upset to know u have closed down. that pasta of yours is very unique and we miss it terribly. please do update if you have plans to reopen!