Oh & Ah at Caramel

We are proud to bring you all these beautifully handmade zakka from Oh&Ah, a bunch of talented designers from KL. Hope you like them.

About Oh&Ah:
Oh&Ah loves Nature!
Oh&Ah makes Zakka!
Oh&Ah creates Unexpectation & Satisfaction!

We are 5 playful designers who are passionate about art, design and life. Our creations are inspired by Zakka, the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane. So we mix new items with the old, digital with traditional media, to create anything that improves our home, life and outlook. All with a touch of playfulness, of course! So different people react to our creations differently. Some will go, “Oh…!,” while some, “Ah…!” And some will say, “Huh?”

We make+design+collect delightful, eccentric everyday objects, like fashion accessories, paper goods, stationery, table/home decor, toys, jewellery, prints, t-shirts and some other silly things in between.

More detailed info:

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Ah viv said...

so pretty the designs, will go check it out this weekend :)