T'is the Season to Give

Limited edition gift boxes now available at Caramel! Clockwise from top left:

Xmas Box 1: vintage diary, postcard, party favour, vintage pencil case, chopsticks, polka dot fabric bangles, porcelain bunny. $69.90

Xmas Box 2: silhouette notebook, vintage pencils, party favour, vintage floral drinking glass, playing cards, vintage crayons. $45.90

Xmas Box 3: mini set squares, mini notebook with button badge, party favour, vintage plastic pencil case and pencils, handmade stuffed fish. $35.90

Xmas Box 4: party favour, vintage floral drinking glasses x 4. $30.90

Xmas Box 5: retro notebooks, postcard, vintage gift cards, vintage pencils and sharpener, mini button badges, party favours. $$39.90

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