A6 /future/ Singapore @ Caramel

A6 /future/ is a collaboration between 22 illustrators from Singapore and the UK. They are invited to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about their future through the use of A6-sized postcards.

Following the successful showcase in London's Generation Gallery during the 2009 London Design Festivals, the 22 postcards make their way home for an exclusive showcase at Caramel for one week only.

The Singapore illustrators include Eeshaun, Msxi, Kristal, Kuanth, Zeropointfive, Sheryo, Mindflyer, Seiji, Fadedcrimson, Wei Keong and Random Sunday.

Saturday 22 May 2010, 1pm at Caramel!
Until 8pm, Saturday 29 May 2010.

Everyone's invited and free postcards for all!

A6 /future/ is organised by Creative [SIN]ergy.

I plagiarised most of the copy from mindflyer.

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